Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TransFollow’s digital consignment note, the TFWaybill, is the fully fledged digital version of the paper consignment note, and has just as just as much legal validity - if not more - as traditional paper consignment notes.

Yes, you can. However, to comply with the CMR (road consignment note) regulations, the shipment must also be accompanied by a paper CMR waybill when you drive to or through a country that has not yet signed the eProtocol. Foreign road consignment note regulations do not yet allow for paperless shipments.

No, but there is an important difference between TransFollow and other providers. TransFollow offers a total solution for all the partners in the chain: shippers, carriers and receivers. In addition, safety is a key priority for TransFollow. TransFollow takes due account of both national and international legislation and regulations (eProtocol). Other providers only focus on carrier processes.

Yes, we expect that you will be able to submit the required documents for the transport of waste via the TransFollow platform by the end of 2016.

Every new user needs a TFAccount in order to use TransFollow. After registering, you will be able to create and submit consignment notes, track your shipment in real time, and sign your consignment note digitally upon transfer or receipt, depending on your role (sender, carrier, driver or receiver).

A TFAccount is required for the following roles:

  • senders and/or carriers who submit consignment notes on TransFollow or who transfer shipments themselves;
  • carriers responsible for carrying out the shipment;
  • drivers responsible for carrying out the shipment.

The addressee who receives the shipment does not necessarily have to have an account. To make optimum use of the functionality of TransFollow, we recommend that all parties involved in the shipment create an account.

As user, you are free to choose an e-mail address to set up your account. Note: once you create an account, you cannot change the e-mail address associated with that particular account.

No, creating a TFAccount is free.

You can create an account in the TFApp and on the TransFollow portal.

You can change your password in the TFApp under ‘Accountbeheer’ [Account Management] or go to ‘Instellingen’ [Settings] on the TransFollow web portal.

Where can I change my notification settings?

You can modify your notification preferences in the TransFollow Android App under ‘Account Management’ or on the TransFollow portal under ‘Settings’.  

Select the notifications you would like to receive when the described events occur. The notifications in the TransFollow portal are saved automatically.

The default settings have been changed with the latest update dated 19-06-2018.



Credits are a virtual currency that you can use to digitally submit consignment notes on the TransFollow platform. With one credit you can submit one consignment note. Credits are only used by the party submitting the consignment note. 

You can order credits on the TransFollow web portal. Simply log into your TFAccount, click ‘Credits’ and complete the order form. Enter the desired amount of credits in the field ‘Aantal credits’. Then click ‘Bestel credits’ to place your order. You will receive a confirmation of the number of credits that you have ordered.

Your credits will be deposited into your TFAccount once our sales department approves the amount of credits that you have ordered. To check your current balance, sign into your account. Your available credits are displayed in the upper right corner of the TransFollow web portal.

Yes, you can use your credits to submit consignment notes as soon as your ordered credits have been approved. While you are waiting for approval, you can create draft consignment notes if your enabler supports this function.

If your credit balance is 0, you need to order new credits. You can order new credits on the TransFollow web portal. Simply log into your TFAccount, click ‘Credits’ and complete the order form. Enter the desired amount of credits in the field ‘Aantal credits’. Then click ‘Bestel credits’ to place your order. You will receive a confirmation of the number of credits that you have ordered.

Purchased credits are valid indefinitely.

No, unused credits are not redeemable. If you stop making use of TransFollow, your credits will be voided.

If a company wants to submit consignment notes via TransFollow, a software connection needs to be established between the company’s own software system and the TransFollow platform. If the carrier in charge of transport uses TMS, this system must also be connected in order for the shipments to be assigned to the right driver.

You need software in order to submit a TFWaybill. Check our up-to-date overview of ICT companies that offer an online solution for submitting consignment notes.

Interested in working with TransFollow? Then the first step is to get together with all parties concerned to learn what our platform can offer. TransFollow has drafted a five-step plan that guides you through the implementation process.

Yes, a partner environment is available for ICT companies and clients who are ready to connect to TransFollow. This environment allows you to test whether the connection is working properly. If you would like to use our partner environment, please send an e-mail to

Companies that have developed their own Android application to support their logistics can make use of the TransFollow Show and Sign Component (TSSC). This Android app can be used as a component to add TransFollow functionality to your company app. The TSSC supports the viewing and signing of specific consignment documents based on the TransFollow protocol and communicates with the TransFollow platform independently.

The TSSC is currently only available as an Android app. If there is enough market interest for a component that runs on other platforms, we will consider this.

On our website you can find an up-to-date list of ICT companies who intend to connect or have already connected to our platform with their standard software.

That depends on the technical capabilities of your company’s software. Ask your ICT department or provider to estimate how many hours it will take to establish a connection based on the TransFollow specifications on

Your ICT department or supplier will be able to give you an estimate of the costs.

In principle, any system can be connected to TransFollow. Visit to see if the TransFollow specifications match your company’s software.

The TransFollow specifications can be found on

The proof of transfer code is generated during the signing process when sign-on-glass by the consignor is used. It is a four digit code that forms an unique combination with the freight document number. Together the proof of transfer code and the freight document number prove that the consignor and the carrier met.

When the carrier asks the consignor to sign for the transfer of the goods, he/she will hand over his/her device to the consignor. The proofof transfer code is shown after the consignor has put his/her signature on the device of the carrier and clicks on the “Next” button.

The sign-on-glass signing method is less safe than the advanced TransFollow Approval. When you use sign-on-glass, please verify that you are dealing with the correct carrier. We recommend that you note down the proof of transfer code and the freight document number we will provide during the sign-on-glass process. The freight document number will also be provided in the email we send you when your email address is mentioned on the consignment note.

When you submit a TFWaybill, all parties listed on the consignment note are informed via app or e-mail about the shipment. They are also able to track the shipment’s status. You can sign for receipt using the TFApp upon delivery.

The TFApproval is the e-CMR compliant advanced signature of TransFollow. With the TFApproval we check if you are signing the right consignment note with the right counterparty. To use the TFApproval you simply scan the QRcode on the device of the counterparty.

Both parties, i.e. the driver and the receiver, must have downloaded the TFApp to their mobile device in order for TFApproval to work. The driver is leading in this respect because his/her device contains the most up-to-date consignment information. For more information, watch the TFApproval instruction video.

Yes, all devices with a supported operating system can work with the TFApp. See our FAQ on how to use the TFApp.

When a colleague takes receipt of the shipment, two things can happen:

  • The colleague signs for receipt using his/her own TFApp. In this case, TFApproval will not be granted because he/she is not authorised according to the account information. However, he/she can still sign for receipt of the goods.
  • The colleague signs for receipt on the driver’s device because he/she doesn’t have TFApp. In this case, there is sign-on-glass proof of delivery.

If you’re not present when the driver attempts to deliver a shipment, the driver may leave the goods at the delivery address ‘without approval of the other party’. The driver is entitled to take a photograph of the location and add a comment explaining why he/she chose this option.  However, it is important that both parties agree beforehand on this condition of delivery.

Using a mobile device and the TFApp is the safest and most reliable way to sign a TFWaybill and get TFApproval. If this is not possible, you can always sign for receipt on the driver’s mobile device. This is called the sign-on-glass method. However, with sign-on-glass we don’t give TFApproval. Because the validity of this type of signature is not as strong as signing for receipt with TFApproval, we recommend that you use the sign-on-glass method only in situations where the TFApp is not available.

Sign-on-glass technology works on the device of the driver. If the receiver doesn’t have the TFApp to generate a response to the driver’s QR code to verify that he/she is the right party, the driver can offer the receiver his/her device to sign (the so-called sign-on-glass method). Watch the sign-on-glass video for details.

The receiver can now add his/her signature and an optional name and e-mail address as evidence of approval. A copy of the TFWaybill will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

Yes, it is possible to leave a comment on the driver’s device before you sign for receipt. If desired, the driver’s device can also be used to take a photograph of the location or damage (if applicable).

The driver has a crucial role in the signing process. If he/she is unable or unwilling to use the TFApp or sign-on-glass method, a paper consignment note must be used.

No, you can also sign for receipt while you are offline. The correctness of the signatures is always checked. Note: the status of the shipment is not updated while the driver is offline.

You can view the current status (link) of TransFollow on Simple click the ‘Systeem status’ [System status] button for details.

Go to and click ‘Systeem status’ (link) for a list of all notifications and planned activities.

The release notes can be found in the following locations:

The TransFollow specifications can be found on

TransFollow appreciates your feedback on how we can improve our services. Please e-mail your suggestions to

For the time being, TFWaybills are saved for an indefinite period of time on the TransFollow platform. In time, TransFollow will offer an additional module called TFArchive. TFArchive allows you to store signed TFWaybills for the legally required period of seven years.

By default, a TFWaybill is stored on TransFollow for three months. It goes without saying that users will be informed by TransFollow of any changes beforehand.

Consignment notes are also available in PDF format. Via the TransFollow web portal, you can download a consignment note as PDF file and then save it to your local hard drive.

If you have no Internet connection, you won’t be able to download new TFWaybills via the TransFollow platform.

TFWaybills that have previously been downloaded can be signed, using the QR code. To do so, start the signing process directly from the app, like you do online. 

The TFApp allows users to track the status of their TFWaybill. If users have an account, they can also sign for transfer or receipt of the shipment digitally.

The TFApp was developed for addressees (companies or persons that receive shipments) or shippers and senders (companies or persons that give a shipment to a carrier for delivery).

The TFApp is free.

The TFApp is available in Google Play and the App Store.

The TFApp is suitable for smartphones with Android 4.0 or above, and iPhones with iOS 7 or above.

No, drivers have their own app or on-board computer that they use to deliver or transfer shipments.  The TFApp is intended for use by companies or persons that receive shipments (addressees) or by companies or persons that give a shipment to the carrier for delivery (shippers/senders).

Yes, senders and addressees are able to create a new account with the TFApp. After registration, you will receive a validation e-mail. Simply follow the instructions in this e-mail to activate the account.

Yes, you can. Simply log into the app with your account details, go to ‘Accountbeheer’ [Account Management], click on the relevant account and select ‘Wachtwoord wijzigen’ [Change Password]. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

Yes, it is possible to log in with more than one account at the same time. You may want to do this when, for instance, you are both the sender and receiver of shipments. By creating two accounts, you will be able to distinguish between the two streams.

If your phone doesn’t have a password lock, anyone can use the functions on your phone, including TFApp. So the first thing you need to do is change the password of your accounts on your phone. To do so, go to the TransFollow web portal.

Log in and reset your password. When you reset your password, you will be automatically logged off on all our devices.

You can also set a PIN code for the TFApp that you’ll need to enter to access the app.

We recommend that you stay online as often as possible, so that all parties in the chain have access to the latest information and to prevent consignment notes, comments and signatures from being lost.

A TFWaybill is TransFollow’s digital consignment note. The consignment note is submitted on TransFollow based on shipment information on the system of the submitter. The TFWaybill is the full digital equivalent of the paper consignment note.

To submit a TFWaybill, your company’s software needs to be connected to the TransFollow platform. Visit for specifications to set up a connection. 

No, the TransFollow portal does not support this.

You should use the account that you have used to purchase your credits to submit TFWaybills.

When you start using TransFollow, we recommend that you notify your chain partners. Our five-step plan will guide you through the process of implementing TransFollow. Asking your partners what e-mail address they want to use as part of the process.

TransFollow only checks whether the e-mail format (xxx@xx.xx) is correct. The submitter is responsible for the accuracy of the information.

TransFollow does not give you the option to block information. All information that is passed from a company’s system to TransFollow is visible to all parties involved in the shipment.

Upon submitting the consignment note, you can select whether or not the shipment should be done based on AVC 2002.

Yes, it can. However, to comply with the CMR (road consignment note) regulations, the shipment must also be accompanied by a paper CMR waybill. This is because digital consignment notes are not yet legally valid in some countries. Click here for an overview of countries where TransFollow consignment notes are legally valid.

Yes, you can include items such as photographs, packing lists and instructions as attachments up to a maximum of 5 MB for each uploaded consignment note.

When submitting the consignment note, you have the option to make the attachments visible to all parties or only to the submitter (sealed note).