DGS Portal

Transporting dangerous goods means complying with very specific regulations. Regulations that you will find in the international ADR treaty, the Dutch VLG regulations, and the Dutch Act and Decree on transporting dangerous goods. The DGSPortal allows you to quickly find all information you need about the dangerous goods of interest to you. With the focus on packaging and transporting your goods.

The DGSPortal helps you manage the transport of dangerous goods correctly. It contains all the information from the successful TransFollow ADR app. And more! The ADR app has provided you with general information on dangerous goods, the right labelling, exemptions, information on tunnels and the meaning of the orange signs since 2011. The DGSPortal allows you to add customized substances to your data. You can organise the portal so that you and your staff have prompt access to specific information on products that are relevant to you.


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Thanks to the expertise of EVO and TLN, TransFollow ensures that the ADR data are always up to date.
The biennial modifications are implemented immediately.

On 1 January of the new ADR year, you can be sure of having the correct information.

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Overview of UN numbers

The DGSPortal provides an overview of all UN numbers from the ADR. You can easily add:

  • your own article numbers and
  • your trade names.

This allows you to search for dangerous goods using your own data as well. What’s more, you can copy the substances, mark them as favourites and add them to your transport list.

Detailed information per substance

You can add your own information to the details per substance as described in Section 3.2 of the ADR. For instance, the indication ‘environmentally hazardous’, the LQ or EQ codes or a technical name. The details screen allows you to add the substance to your shipping list.


According to the ADR, exemptions apply in certain situations. This concerns packaging (EQ), the quantities per substance (LQ) or the composition of your load (1000 points). The details screen on the portal shows you whether you can apply the EQ or LQ exemption. You can then indicate whether or not you wish to do this. So you can quickly obtain the transport instructions.

Transport list

If you are planning a shipment, then at some point you will need to compile a transport list. This list shows whether the 1000-points rule scheme applies to you and which tunnels you can use with the load. The transport list also provides an overview of the texts required on the consignment note.

The right text on the freight document

Making sure the freight document has the right text is a tricky matter. The strict rules leave little room for interpretation. A full stop, a comma or a space in the wrong place can lead to considerable fines. The DGSPortal helps you find the right text by answering a number of questions. The text is stored in the details screen and can be copied onto your freight document. So you have all the freight documents texts to hand immediately.


On the basis of the shipping list, the DGSPortal shows which tunnel restrictions apply to you. The tank cleaning locations of ATCN members are also indicated.