Users of the e-CMR

Leave paper behind and travel with TransFollow using simple, user-friendly apps on your smartphone or tablet

Share your freight details with TransFollow a quick turnaround without paper documents

Use TransFollow to put an end to all the fuss of paper in your truck and on deliveries

How does e-CMR work?

Reduced administrative load and increased savings, paperless, secure and standardised
TransFollow allows shippers, carriers and receivers to work with a uniform, secure and standardised interface. Submitting, exchanging, tracking and signing occurs in a completely paperless manner. All parties benefit due to better communication, reduced administration and faster handling at a lower cost. TransFollow complies with all laws and regulations. CMR and AVC 2002 are applicable.

Getting started with digital waybills

Want to create digital waybills?

  • Ask your ICT supplier or ICT department to interface your business software with TransFollow.
  • Register as a new user at
  • Order the desired number of waybills on the portal.
  • Inform the receiver and carrier about your TransFollow registration.

Do you hand over your goods to the driver for shipment or do you receive the delivered goods?

  • Download the TransFollow app from the App Store or from Google Play.
  • Register as a new user of the app.
  • Inform your logistics chain partners about your TransFollow registration.

Are you a driver or do you want your drivers to have an app or on-board computer connected to TransFollow?

  • If so, please contact your ICT supplier or view the suppliers that can assist you.
  • After making your choice, you register as a new user.
  • Inform your logistics chain partners about your TransFollow registration.

Want to view your waybills?

  • Log in on the TransFollow portal or on the TransFollow app to view waybills.

ICT suppliers that can connect you to TransFollow

You can use your own software, smartphone or on-board computer to access TransFollow. This page lists the ICT suppliers that can implement a connection with TransFollow.
Is your supplier not listed? If so, please contact us via

Are you an ICT provider, is innovation and trend-setting of paramount importance to you, and would you like to contribute to the new digital standard?
Read through the TransFollow documentation (TFSpecs), which includes an in-depth English description of the API connection.
The TransFollow API documentation is available for free.


This will give you access to the TransFollow test environment and the related helpdesk support. You can set up and test the APIs for the use of TransFollow according to the TransFollow BV guidelines.
Would you like to learn more about TFStart’s possibilities? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Technical Support

Call the Technical Support of TransFollow if you want our friendly technical experts to help resolve your problem or if you have technical questions about the TransFollow product.


Telephone number: +31 088 552 5540 between office hours (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)