Supply chain data security: The safety standards need an upgrade!

Everyone knows: ‘a loaded-truck at rest is a truck at risk’. Criminality in the transport and logistic sector is a major problem. The financial consequences in Europe add up to a staggering 8 billion euros every year. And that is only the money involved. Transport criminality also slows down the supply chain, makes it less flexible and less transparent. So it is time to ring the alarm bell. And no, we are not discussing more padlocks. Good safety measures also needs a protocol for better cyber security!

What’s the difference between e-CMR and sign on glass?

‘Goods are not made for traveling’ a professor in transport law once told me. It crossed my mind again writing this article.

To deliver goods undamaged at the final destination, they are packed in cartons, containers, seal bags and what so ever. It surely helps. According to an educated guess, based on my own experience over 98 percent of all these shipments, makes it in one piece to its final destination.  

Supply Chain Visibility with TransFollow - Why you should do it the Agile way

Supply Chain Visibility
Since the introduction of TransFollow in December 2014, Beurtvaartadres ships their orders with a digital TransFollow consignment note. Due to changes in the supply chain, a new TransFollow implementation project was started in order to use the TransFollow consignment note in the new supply chain. The goal was to create supply chain visibility for customers using TransFollow in an IT landscape with 6 software systems spread over 4 organisations with 4 different software suppliers.