ADR app

Easy access to instructions for road transportation of dangerous good

What to expect:

Tens of thousands users already have experienced the ease of the ADR app. Using the ADR app helped these users to have a better understanding of the (at times) complex ADR instructions.

  • Whether you want to know what label to use?
  • Which tunnel restriction apply?
  • Perhaps you want to determine the exact ADR text on your waybill?

All of these and even more ADR related questions can easily be answered when using the ADR app.
You can download the ADR app for Android or iOS.

Possibilities in the ADR app

  • Check the tunnel restrictions
  • ATCN tank cleaning locations
  • Determine or check the (exact) ADR text for on your waybill 
  • Calculate if you can use the ADR 1.3.6 exemptions
  • Label overview per class
  • General substance information (class, special provisions, packaging instructions etc) 
  • Multilingual
  • Intuitive user interface


In app possibilities



Most recent data

€ 8,99

Needs to be bought every two years related to the UNECE amendments

All functionality

€ 8,99

50% cheaper than buying functions apiece



Functionality apiece


Locations and tunnel restrictions

€ 1,99

Transport list and 1000 points regulation

€ 2,99

General substance info

€ 0,99

Exact text on freight document

€ 3.99


€ 0.99

Transport tanks and bulkcontainers

€ 0,99

ADR tanks

€ 0,70

Special provisions

€ 0,99



•    Reliable ADR data

•    Easy to access and to apply ADR instructions

•    Smart features to help you safe time and get your focus on the cargo

•    Multilingual (Danish, Dutch, English and Turkish)

ADR-data Up-To-Date

You can obtain the most recent data through an in-app purchase. Since the ADR changes every two years, we accordingly provide the new data every two years. So you can keep your application up-to-date.

Multiple languages

The ADR app is entirely available in Dutch, English, Danish and Turkish. The dangerous goods list (technical name) and the text on the transport document is available in 6 languages, namely: Dutch, English, German, French, Danish and Turkish.

Extensive functionality

The free ADR app contains general information about the hazardous substances, such as the LQ and EQ values. If you want more advantage of your app, you can purchase additional functionality in a time or all at once. This way, there is something for everyone. You only pay for what you want to use. Suppose that you only want to look up the text on the transport document in the ADR app. Then, you only need to purchase this feature.

Full functionality

Of course it is also possible to purchase the full functionality of the ADR-app. You can do so at a much reduced rate. Functionality need only be purchased once.

Want to know more contact:

Mustafa Boubkari (Product Owner ADR)


Telephone: +31(0)88-55 22 158