With the ADN app you have the complex regulations for the transport of dangerous goods in inland waters in your pocket. Although the skipper is a qualified adviser, the app could also be of use to him. TransFollow developed the ADN app in collaboration with the CBRB. 

ADN app provides an easy way to answer the most common operational questions:

  • What are the indications of danger?
  • With what signals I have to do?
  • Which text belongs in the transport document?
  • Are there any special instructions I need to consider?
  • Do I have to deal with mixed loading prohibitions?
  • Or with restrictions on the quantities transported?

Table A and C

In the ADN app you can, based on the UN number, find the information specified in Table A and C of ADN. The app displays both the values ​​from the table as the underlying issues in the ADN. You receive only the information you want to see. So you choose first "dry cargo ship" (Table A) or tanker (Table C) or both; Then you get your data clearly into view.

In app possibilities



Most recent data  €8,99 The ADN data must be bought every 2 years related to the UNECE amendments
All functions  €8,99 50% cheaper then buying functions apiece

For whom

The app is suitable for anyone who has to do with operational ADN. Planners, loaders, unloaders and boaters. Our experience with ADR app teaches that enforcement agencies and government departments also like to use the app.