Userstory of Greenlines, Beurtvaartadres and Bexter

TransFollow digital consignment note integrated in the RTI platform ensures complete transparency

Thanks to a complementary collaboration between Greenlines, our Dutch distributor Beurtvaartadres and Bexter, it is now possible to digitize the Returnable Transport Items (RTI) administration in the floriculture chain immediately and reliably. The initiative came from the desire to process the RTI administration directly with the official TransFollow eCMR, which simplifies the administration of national and international transports, makes it legally secure and more efficient.

Groundbreaking digitization

Greenlines Retail, logistics service provider for flower and plant transport within the Benelux, focuses on smart organization of logistics. An important challenge in the floriculture chain is having real-time insight into Returnable Transport Items. The loss is not only due to missing items, but also to where the items are located and whether there is sufficient stock. These are major challenges in the floriculture sector. This damage is partly due to missing Returnable Transport Items, but also to shortages and possible delays in the logistics process.

Greenlines is a satisfied user of the digital platform TrackOnline, a Bexter product, in which it manages and registers packaging. The transport partners of Greenlines, including Selman, Ekotrax and Stet, use the TrackOnline mobile app so that all relevant parties in the supply chain have real-time insights into the RTI balances. A logical next step for both Greenlines and Bexter was the full integration with TransFollow’s independent eCMR platform. Thanks to the integration of the eCMR with TrackOnline, the administration of freight transport and RTI has been digitized and automated in a completely legal way.


The conditions for successful (inter)national cooperation

The integration of the TransFollow eCMR simplifies collaboration in the supply chain. “If you look at parties in floriculture that are active both nationally and internationally, the link between TransFollow and TrackOnline, for TrackOnline users, is actually a precondition for a successful (international) cooperation. You look at the same unambiguously recorded data and do not have to deal with language barriers or unreadable consignment notes. Moreover, this link contributes to sustainability, because everything is digitized and automated.”, Says Toon de Jong, commercial director of Bexter. Jörgen Hensgens, director of Beurtvaartadres, answers this: “The combination of Transfollow and TrackOnline is unique! With this we take the next step in digitally connecting the supply chain and we relieve customers with regard to their RTI administration. “

Transparency in the chain

A fully digital logistics process is increasingly desirable and required. Through the integration of the TransFollow eCMR, data is legally securely recorded, exchanged and various parties in the supply chain have insight into the same data in a safe way. In this way transparency is created in the supply chain, so that fewer errors are made and processes run more smoothly. This is in line with the vision for the future, says Arno Driessen, director of Greenlines: ” Looking to the future, we want to increasingly work towards supply chain transparency. By looking at the same data together, errors are prevented and there is less miscommunication. With the integration of the eCMR of TransFollow, the entire chain works a lot easier, faster and more efficiently. “

Returnable Transport Items on the TransFollow App

With the the digital platform TrackOnline of Bexter, it is now possible to digitize the Returnable Transport Items (RTI) administration in the floriculture chain. But, when an integration is not (yet) possible, we can still offer you a solution to register all your RTI information with the TransFollow App. Watch below a preview of our instruction video on how this works.