Sinari, France's largest TMS group announces its partnership with TransFollow

Sinari group, France's largest TMS group and logistics software company, has decided to equip its solutions with the TransFollow e-CMR, unlocking the use of the e-CMR to the majority of their customer base.



With the ever-changing and complex environment of supply chains, the Sinari group desires to respond to industrial challenges by offering complete end-to-end solutions with a single point of contact. The digital services powered by TransFollow met this criterium and were chosen by the Sinari group to digitalize the logistics industry of the French market.  At the upcoming SiTL event in Paris, Sinari will announce the partnership with TransFollow and introduce its new product with e-CMR.


From left to right are:

Alexis Perinet Marquet - Managing Director Viaservice

Sebastien Ruffle - President Sinari group

Gilles Kitchiguine - DGA de OMP/Eliot



About Sinari

The Sinari Group is a software developer and a key player in all aspects of Operational Data Management Flows for the transport and logistics sectors, and this internationally.

The Group started with the combination of a number of renowned companies under one flag. These companies (OMP, GPI, ELIOT, ITEM, Cofisoft, IT2000, Stock-It, AxioRoute and TAS-tms) cover the specific needs of their customers and the markets in which they operate.



Sébastien Rufflé, Sinari's president, had previously given an interview to TRM leGuide, a French transport publication, in which he discussed the company's planned market initiatives as well as the adoption of e-CMR which is supported by TransFollow. Here are some excerpts from the conversation:

Sébastien Rufflé: The heart of the group's TMS solutions, is the integration of "on-board computing" functionalities into their mobility and the simplification of the link with vehicles based on Eliot's know-how (a completely integrated offer where the social and embedded are one). It also represents significant advancements for our mobile applications, allowing us to integrate concepts such as signatures and the dematerialization of waybills or CMRs. At the exhibition, we'll also announce the formation of a relationship with TransFollow for its eCMR solution.


Result: All the mobile applications of our transport and fleet management software – Scan&Track at Item, Eliot Mobile, ACS Mobile at Cofisoft, Smart IE at GPI and Proxy Mobility at Xyric, Open Mobile at CJM – will therefore offer various levels of dematerialization of consignment notes:


  • taking a photo of the document integrated into the application and thus into the TMS (the contractual document is always a paper document); 
  • “sign on glass” process which reconstructs the consignment note; 
  • the addition of a certificate to achieve a real electronic consignment note, thus guaranteeing that the generated PDF is not falsifiable;
  • we add a guarantee of non-tampering of the information flow via e-CMR solutions which is designed by TransFollow.




By nature, the consignment note (national or international) is a document that requires strong collaboration between carriers, chartered carriers, shippers, and receivers. In a digital environment, this collaboration calls for a strong requirement for interoperability between the different systems (TMS, WMS, ERP, FMS, etc.) used by the players in the transport chain. TransFollow has been working tirelessly since the start of its activity to elevate this interoperability, without which the consignment note cannot be fully digitized.


Sinari Group's partnership with TransFollow is a significant step forward for both companies. It means that, like the Netherlands, the digitalization of the French logistics sector is about to be fully activated. It is also demonstrating that TransFollow's solutions can fully meet and adapt to the standards what French logistics market requires.


Hans Lip, TransFollow's COO, also commented on this historic collaboration: “This is definitely a huge step forward for the e-CMR adoption! We are very pleased with the partnership with the Sinari group. The important and significant role the Sinari plays in Frnace means that more and more French logistics companies will be able to realize the benefits of e-CMR and eventually complete the change from paper-based to electronic-based working. Together we unite supply chains!“

The full article as published in Transportissimo (French logistics and transport media platform), and more details of this article can be found  here.