eCMR enables Frigorificos Nazarenos to digitalize their controlled temperature transports


The Spanish transport company Frigorificos Nazarenos joined the TransFollow community by starting to use the TransFollow eCMR solution integrated in their own TMS provided by Master informatica. In order to adapt to the demands, and become to be more efficient and competitive in the market, Frigorificos Nazarenos decided to dematerialize all transport documents and rely on digital consignment notes.


A transport company specialized in deliverying cold chains

Frigorificos Nazarenos is a transport carrier that is located in Seville. Throughout the past decades, Frigorificos Nazarenos has been specializing in carrying out domestic and international transports of both frozen and refrigerated products as well as general merchandise. With its advanced service and the most precise temperature regulation technologies, Frigorificos Nazarenos’s operation covers any routes between North Africa and any of the countries in Europe. At the present, more than 30 tractor heads and 40 semi-trailers of Frigorificos Nazarenos are operating on the road, and this carrier is still in a continuous process of expansion.


The benefits eCMR brings

The TMS (Trans2000) used by Frigorificos Nazarenos is powered by Master Informatica – a software partner of TransFollow and is fully integrated with TransFollow innovative solutions. It smoothly enables Frigorificos Nazarenos to use eCMR instantly within their own TMS without requiring any modification.


With the TransFollow eCMR, Frigorificos Nazarenos can set the temperature for their vehicles when creating a transport, and the information will be shared simultaneously with all the parties involved throughout the entire transport journey. In this way, it guarantees that their cold chains are never broken. In addition, the TransFollow eCMR optimizes their operations to be real-time monitored and achieves better visibility of the full-cycle transport chain.



Given the opportunity that the Spanish state is encouraging the entire Spanish supply chain to go digital(read more about Entire Spanish Supply Chain Supports the Implementation of the eCMR)., Frigorificos Nazarenos received the Digital Kit provided by the Spanish authority. The Digital Kit aims to assist small businesses with modern and powerful digital tools with which to face the challenges of the future. TransFollow as a leading eCMR provider, is also part of this program and if you are interested in the Digital Kit, you can leave your message here. We would like to help you grow.

Spain is speeding up supply chains digitalization and the Spanish government is supporting it.

TransFollow eCMR is recognized and accepted by Spanish authority.