Spain Introduces QR Code-based Digital Transport Documents for Streamlined Inspections


Spain's General Directorate of Transport has issued a new regulation that simplifies the process of submitting administrative control documents by implementing electronic formats. As a result, drivers are no longer required to only manually upload paper-based CMR documents to the ministry's portal during inspections. Alternatively, a QR code containing the digital transport document has been provided by the authority. This new regulation aims to streamline workflow, reduce the workload for both drivers and officers, and ensure the accuracy of transport data during inspections.


To facilitate this process, the authority has developed an application that allows inspection officers to scan the QR code, which contains the corresponding digital transport document. This advanced scanning technology is provided by TransFollow, the leading eCMR provider.

The meaning of the new regulation

The purpose of the new regulation is to expand communication methods, reduce administrative burdens on drivers and companies, and streamline carrier operations. According to the regulation, administrative control documents must be completed electronically whenever the carrier's systems and applications support the conversion of content into readable text. Therefore, TMS system providers used by carriers must incorporate QR code functionality to comply with the regulation. The QR code scanning method ensures the availability, integrity, inalterability, and inviolability of transport documents, greatly simplifying the workflow for drivers and inspection officers.


To ensure efficient and secure inspection implementation, the carrier's system application supporting the QR code functionality must meet the following characteristics:

  1. Any authorized person must be able to access recorded data.
  2. Data storage and document sending must be guaranteed.
  3. Signatures, when required by regulations, must
  • be linked only to the signatory, allow identification of the signatory
  • be created using means under the signatory's exclusive control
  • be linked to the data to detect any subsequent modification.


This regulation applies to control documents for road transport, medical transport by road, transport of dangerous goods, and the National Road Transport Committee.

How the process works:
  1. When requested, your driver provides the transport document for inspection.
  2. The driver presents the QR code containing the transport document to the inspection officer.
  3. The officer scans the QR code using the application on their device.
  4. The transport document is securely uploaded to the Spanish authority for inspection via the QR code.
  5. The process is completed.


TransFollow’s QR code scanning technology is adopted by the Spanish authority


The Spanish authority has adopted TransFollow's QR code scanning technology to ensure the security and interoperability of their new QR code measure. This technology, can be integrated into various TMS systems, fulfills all the requirements of the new inspection regulation. TransFollow, as a pioneer of digital consignment notes, has been facilitating the digital transition of transports for numerous shippers, carriers, and consignees. The company has also been supporting the digitalization of Spanish supply chains in the road transport sector.

What can transport companies/shippers do to comply with the new regulation?


  • Do you use a TMS or an in-house solution software?

You can request your TMS provider to connect with TransFollow, allowing you to create eCMRs (digital consignment notes) and eliminate the need for paper-based consignment notes. This connection will enable you to generate QR codes containing your transport document, which can be presented by your driver to inspection officers during the inspection process.


If you use your own in-house solution software, you can contact us by sending us an email: We will gladly help you digitalize your transports using QR codes.


  • Do you use Excel to manage your transports?

No problem! You can generate eCMRs with QR codes using TransFollow’s user-friendly portal. The portal is a web-page platform where you can create your digital consignment notes within minutes.