Support - TransFollow Portal


The locations are a library for frequently used Place of Loading and Place of Delivery.


The locations are, just like the Partners, a library to store frequently used Places of Loading and Places of Delivery. Adding these locations is very convenient to efficiently create your transport missions and transport documents. You can easily select the place of loading or place of delivery when entering all the information.

Add location

You can add locations to your library by clicking on ‘Create New Location.

Provide the information on Name, Role (Place of Loading or Place of Delivery), Email, National Tax ID, EORI and the address of your partner. You can indicate both roles for one location. Click on save when finished.

Import locations

It is possible to import a CSV file to the TransFollow Portal. After you click on ‘import’ you will be asked to indicate if the locations are Places of Loading or Places of Delivery.

The CSV line pattern is the following: Name, Street, Building number, City, Postal code, Country, Email (optional), EORI (optional), Tax Id (optional), Tax number (optional). Download .csv sample

Modify information of the locations

When you click on the bar with the information of the Location, you will be redirected to the ‘Location Management’ section. In this screen you can modify the information of the location. The information you can modify are Name location*, the Role of the location* (place of delivery and place of taking over), Email, National tax id, Street*, Number*, City*, Postal code*, Country* and EORI. The items with a *, are mandatory to indicate.

Once you have modified the information, you click on ‘save’. If you want to delete the information of the location, you can click on ‘delete’.