Support - TransFollow Portal

Administrative Options

Set up your company information and manage your settings, notifications and permissions and the settings for TransFollow Drive, the signing inspections and the preferred signing methods.

Company information

You can provide all the information about your company in the company settings: name, contact email, phone, Notification language, EORI, Signature code, street, number, city, postal code and country. In this section, the balance of credits for the use of eCMRs is presented.

Company signature code

By entering the Company signature code, it is possible have the transport document signed with an unique QR code. The signature code is mostly used by consignors and consignees. They can generate a QR code containing the same information, and a driver equipped with a TransFollow enabled device can sign the freight document by scanning the shown QR code. Ensure that this company signature code remains unknown and complex enough to not be retrieved unintentionally.

Read more about this in this article about signing with TransFollow Drive. (link)

Add logo

It is also possible to add a logo, which will be placed on the eCMR upon creation. The eCMR account represents the amount of credits you have and the logo which will be presented on the eCMR once uploaded.

Settings, notifications and permissions

In the notifications screen you can select the different settings regarding changes to freight document rights, credits and changes to freight documents.

TF Drive: TransFollow Drive Setting, Signing Inspections and Signing methods.

The TransFollow Drive is the mobile application enabling drivers to work on route. Using TransFollow Drive enables to sign for inspections, register the start/end time of loading and unloading and sign for pick-up and delivery. Next to this, the TransFollow Drive can enables you to register changes, remarks and additional information. When you want the driver to register this, or go through certain signing inspections, you can select these segments. The registered information will be shared with all supply chain partners and be presented in the TransFollow Portal.

These settings are applicable for all drivers and transports issued by your account, but can be individually modified for each transport.

  • Seal Numbers - to review the seal number(s) mentioned on a consignment note
  • Goods - to review goods mentioned on a consignment note
  • RTIs - to review returnable transport items mentioned on a consignment note
  • Times - to review arrival and departure times mentioned on a consignment note
  • References - to review your specific information mentioned on a consignment note
  • License Plates - to review licence plates mentioned on a consignment note
  • Comments & Attachments - to review observations and attached documents linked to a consignment note
  • Address - to review the loading or delivery location mentioned on a consignment note
  • Temperatures - to review the controlled temperature mentioned on a consignment note

Click after you set up the settings, click on save.

If you would like to indicate the settings for each transport differently, than this can be done in the Transport screen, before issuing the transport.