European eCMR provider TransFollow joins the iSHARE scheme

As of this month, data sharing has become even easier and more secure for users of TransFollow’s digital consignment note (eCMR), because the company – one of Europe’s leading suppliers of eCMR solutions – has joined the iSHARE scheme.

TransFollow offers shippers, logistics service providers and carriers the API specifications so that the digital consignment note can be integrated into their own business software, including TMS, FMS, WMS or ERP systems. TransFollow, which originated as a Dutch initiative, currently has hundreds of customers in eight European countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, France and the Czech Republic.

Now that TransFollow has joined the iSHARE scheme, its customers can make use of iSHARE Single Sign-On: the ability to log in to all eCMR platforms that are member of iSHARE using a single identity in order to gain access to various types of operational data. iSHARE Single Sign-On is not only easier and much more secure than using multiple identities, but it also provides customers extra certainty about the identities of the parties with which they are sharing data – such as that people signing for consignments really are who they claim to be and are authorised to share the data in question. The iSHARE scheme can offer this level of user convenience and certainty because it automatically checks and verifies the identity ‘behind the scenes’.

Besides that, TransFollow believes there will be even more benefits in the future. As the network of participants in the scheme continues to grow, TransFollow’s customers will also be able to share data with previously unknown parties. This opens up significant opportunities for improving efficiency and saving time and money.

In order to facilitate that extra service for its customers, TransFollow has made some technical changes to its API specifications and has also signed a contract with the iSHARE Foundation in which it agrees to comply with the scheme’s quality requirements.

Earlier this week, Hans Lip, COO of TransFollow, officially signed the contract with the iSHARE Foundation. “Our participation in the iSHARE scheme will facilitate even better data sharing for TransFollow users, both now and in the future – and not only with other users, but also with other companies within the scheme. There are several good reasons for our TransFollow users to support this initiative, not least the ability to also share logistics data from the eCMR with governments and other authorities. Another clear aim for TransFollow, which is the new standard for the eCMR, is to work together with iSHARE to further expand the use of the scheme in Europe.”

Gerard van der Hoeven, director of the iSHARE Foundation, adds: “The participation of TransFollow in the scheme represents an important step in reducing the amount of paperwork and physical transactions in logistics. The use of iSHARE identities to access portals and digital services will make data sharing easier and more secure for thousands of people in our sector. That is extremely important, especially during the current coronavirus situation, so we hope that many more organisations will follow this example. Additionally, this really is a key step towards supply chain transparency and single access to transport data. A single access point for the whole chain opens up lots of cost-saving opportunities. This step paves the way for countless applications.”

iSHARE continues to grow

iSHARE is an initiative of the Dutch Logistics Top Sector aimed at further stimulating data sharing in transport and logistics. The scheme has been developed for and by the logistics sector. It was launched in 2018, and the number of participants in the logistics sector has been growing steadily ever since.

About iSHARE

iSHARE is a uniform set of agreements or scheme that enables organisations to give each other access to their data. Since they all work with the same identification, authentication and authorisation methods, they do not need to keep making new agreements every time they want to share data. Organisations that implement the iSHARE Agreements can share data with one another effortlessly. iSHARE is an initiative of the Dutch Logistics Top Sector and is aimed at stimulating data sharing in the transport and logistics industry. Additionally, the scheme is attracting growing interest from other sectors.