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Creating a freight document in TransFollow Drive

If needed, the driver can create a Freight Document (eCMR) in TransFollow Drive. The driver can indicate all elements required.

Creating a freight document in TransFollow Drive

The driver can create a digital consignment note in the TransFollow Drive application. Go to the left menu and click on “Create freight document”. A new freight document can be created by entering all the information on the following elements:

  • Carrier*
  • Consignor*
  • Date and place of taking over*
  • Consignee*
  • Date and place of delivery
  • Client
  • Goods
  • Returnable Transport Items
  • Additional Information* (established date, established place and terms and conditions.)

The field with a ‘*’ at the end are mandatory. To issue the eCMR after the creation, you or your company should have enough credits on the TransFollow account.

It is also possible to duplicate an existing eCMR and to change some details. Save the freight document to complete the freight document in a later stage or issue the freight document when ready.