With iSHARE this can be done even more safe, even with unknown entities. 

Extract from the original publication on iSHAREworks.org

The digital consignment note (eCMR) is on the rise in the road transportation. The use of the eCMR is increasing in the logistics industry to share freight-related data with supply chain partners. eCMR platforms are real Data Hubs, connecting the digital systems of shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, governments and other eCMR providers.. iSHARE offers in the short- and long term significant advantages for the sender and receiver of data.

The digital consignment note is on the rise and this for many reasons. The mission and work of the eCMR providers is beginning to bear fruit after a number of years. More and more countries and parties are accepting the eCMR. The growing number of usage possibilities acts as a flywheel for cross-border adoption. Next to that, the current pandemic, causes an impulse as well. Organizations orientate themselves more than before on contactless and paperless transport to protect their drivers against the Covid-19 virus.

eCMR providers TransFollow, Collect + Go and Pionira use the iSHARE agreements to grant access to the data they collect on behalf of their customers. What does this mean in concrete terms for shippers, carriers and forwarders?

Customers of these eCMR providers can now log in with a single iSHARE identity to all eCMR platforms that are also affiliated with iSHARE, thereby gaining access to various operational data. Easy, and much more secure than other identities, such as Google. An iSHARE identity provides certainty about the identities of parties with whom data is shared. For example, the certainty that the person signing the load is actually the one he claims to be and is authorized to share this data. The iSHARE system offers ease of use and security because it automatically checks and verifies the identity in the system.

The major gains, however, are seen by the eCMR providers when the growth in the number of participants in the iSHARE system continues. Then their customers can also relatively easily start to share data with parties that they are not yet doing business with. There are great opportunities for realizing improvements on efficiency, saving costs and time.

Hans Lip, COO of TransFollow: “The data that we bring together for our customers in our data hub is interesting for many parties. With the help of iSHARE, we will eventually be able to share the data with third parties on request. For example with parties that do not have a direct relationship to a specific transport, for example Customs authorities or a Chamber of Commerce. Now we cannot share data with these kinds of parties. That is simply not possible because of GDPR or without us having to establish all those links ourselves and request individual permission from the data owner. But if all these parties and our customers join iSHARE, this becomes possible. Once this is done, it will be a huge improvement in terms of efficiency for businesses and for the logistics industry as a whole. I expect to be able to report the first results of pilots within two years. ”

More eCMR providers see the opportunities for the iSHARE system and thus the importance of further upscaling the iSHARE system. Lip: “I would like to state that we and other participants in the iSHARE system should look further into the expansion of iShare and make this also available outside of The Netherlands. From our daily practice with governments, we see a tremendous need for data that we can offer with the data hubs. These authorities can use iShare to organize their work more efficiently, for example to carry out inspections faster. There are great opportunities there. ”

“We also see an important role for industry organizations such as Evofenedex and TLN in the adoption of eCMR by their members. They can provide their members with good information about market developments and the various eCMR providers, and therefore providing a great deal of added value for shippers and carriers. ”

This is and extract from the original publication on iSHAREworks.org