New signing method of the eCMR: Contactless Signing

In order to meet the various measures during the current COVID-19 crisis, TransFollow is working on various solutions to support our users. One of these measures that applies is to keep a distance of 2 meter to eachother. This is not so easy for drivers who see a lot of different people and have them signing the freight documents.

To protect the drivers as much as possible during pick-up and delivery, TransFollow developed a new additional contactless signing method; signing with code.

With this new signing method the driver, the sender and the receiver can control and sign the digital consignment note without any physical contact. There is also no need to hand over the smartphone or other device from the driver to the counterparty.

Administrative benefits

The digital consignment note of TransFollow enables transport companies to manage and process the information of the consignment note immediately. Moreover, now with many employees working from home, the use of paper consignment notes reveals to be a challenging process. Sharing information digitally allows the carrier, sender and recipient to have all information immediately available. The use of the TransFollow eCMR also ensures continued invoicing and payment processes as this can be done from any location without the physical exchange of any paper document.

How does the contactless signing work?

  1. When you are ready for signing the eCMR after pick-up and delivery, start the signing process by clicking on ‘sign document’.
  2. Select the signing method: ‘Sign while keeping the 2-meter distance with the counterparty’.
  3. In the next screen you can indicate the email address and name of the counterparty. The e-mail and the name of the counterparty will automatically be filled in from the information on the consignment note, but it is possible to modify this.
  4. An email will be sent to the email address. The e-mail contains an URL-link to the PDF version of the consignment note. The counterparty can check the details and information. The consignment note will also contain a unique 4 digit code. The counterparty must communicate this 4 digit code to the driver verbally.
  5. The driver confirms the 4-digit code in the next step. After the validation, the driver will be asked to sign on glass.
  6. After the signature on glass by the driver, the signing process is complete.

Questions & Answers

  • Is it also possible to use this signing method when using the Access Code?

Yes, this new contactless signing method can be used upon log-in with a (sub)account or with the use of an Access Code.

  • Is it also possible to use the contactless signing method for signing multiple consignment notes at once?

Yes, it is also possible to sign multiple consignment notes with this new signing method at once. All consignment notes will be collected in one PDF with one (1) code to sign for the documents which the driver can fill in in the TransFollow App.

  • What will happen when information on the eCMR changed or when any observations have been added after the e-mail with the PDF is send?

If information needs to be changed upon the check, the driver can modify information on the consignment note in the TransFollow App. The PDF will be updated after saving it on the TransFollow platform. The sender or recipient can open the new version of the PDF with the previous send link in the e-mail.

  • For how long is the link to the PDF and therefor the signing code valid?

The signing code on the PDF of the consignment note is valid for an unlimited time. Only when the information on the eCMR is modified, the code on the consignment note will be updated and the previous code will be invalid.