Simplicity and convenience

The TFPortal enables you to see all your consignments and where and when your shipments are delivered. The portal gives you access to the account management and the settings for notifications. The TFApp enables a user to monitor the status of a TFWaybill. In addition, the user with the TFApp is capable to digital sign for the reception of a shipment with a personal TransFollow account. 


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Saving Costs

  1. Faster administrative processing (invoicing) due to real-time information
  2. Collection and delivery times visible to both sender and consignee
  3. A single market-wide standard for the consignment note, developed by and for the market
  4. No other software required: you submit the consignment note using the existing software
  5. Electronic proof of delivery with legal certainty
  6. CMR and AVC conditions apply: your consignment note meets legal and regulatory requirements
  7. Paper consignment notes no longer needed: your administrative burden is reduced
  8. You no longer need to scan consignment notes or archive them manually
  9. Fewer phone enquiries about your consignmentReal-time consignment reports


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Our International ambitions

In cross-border transport, the CMR consignment note is used. The CMR is covered by the CMR Convention, which 64 countries have signed. The existence of a paper CMR consignment note creates the possibility of an electronic version. In an e-protocol of the CMR Convention, EU countries indicate whether they will allow an electronic consignment note for the establishment of a transport contract. So far, nine countries have signed this e-protocol: Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Internationally, we are not yet completely paperless, but we are on the right track. Moreover, the trade organisations EVO and TLN are actively seeking the approval of the e-protocol by the European Parliament in European legislation. In addition, talks are being held with trade bodies in the EU countries that have not yet signed the e-protocol. During these talks, TransFollow is being brought to the participants' attention and the importance of the new digital standard consignment note is being emphasised.